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ONEVIEW improves process for travel

Partnering with Oneview IT solutions, Airborne Travel and Tourism launched their full-service online portal making the website — — a single point for all travel requirements.

The new portal features an array of travel related services ranging from flights, hotels, tours, car rentals and insurance, to mention a few. Airborne has been one of Oman’s premier travel service providers catering to corporates, government departments and leisure travellers alike for the past 14 years.
Raitha Al Sulaimani, Director, Airborne Travel & Tourism mentioned during product launch, “Our advent into the online world opens up vast and varied opportunities to our business. Our focus of business was predominantly corporate-oriented and now with this new initiative, we have the opportunities to serve a larger customer base. She also said that this is the beginning of a long journey – ‘a journey of transformation’ – process of regular assessment and adapting to the needs of our customers.”
Sulaimani assured that they would be bringing in more content from around the world to their customers as they moved forward towards making airbornetrip. com, a single point for all travel requirements.
As per Oneview’s technical team, “Each interaction with Airborne’s stakeholders not only provided them an opportunity and great experience, but also helped them gather insights that can be used to improve processes and mature into the travel industry, taking them a step ahead to produce an stabilised system to Airborne”.
The system is powered by Amadeus for flight searches and is integrated with multiple hotel consolidators. “We will soon be adding more feeds to the system whereby will be Oman’s first single point search engine for travel services. Today, we offer you a sub second search on flights and look forward to bring in more enhancements as we move forward with our upcoming releases where we bring you more content from the regions lowcost carriers, insurance, individual tours, group departure bookings and more,” Sulaimani added.
Airborne’s team is collaborating with their IT partner Oneview IT Solutions to serve the agility of travel business. They are planning for the latest innovation to be incorporated on a monthly basis, so that their customers can eagerly look for the new features and enhancements in their upcoming releases.

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