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ONEVIEW serves the agility of travel industry

With the Agile concept being globally proven and accepted across all domains, ONEVIEW has also incorporated the same into its product development and services. Also, extensive internal and external SWOT analysis is done, which has outclassed ONEVIEW from its competition by generating ideologies which take ease of use, affordability and ROI for the clients.

We are a company who pioneers in travel IT solutions, offering services across the globe. By involving client inputs and feedbacks, we are able to produce a functional product with no outright rejection of the product in a short time. The initial focus of ONEVIEW is to create a functional ready-to-use product without waiting for the D-day ceremonies with whistles or bells. By honing a carefully calibrated strategy around distinctiveness, ONEVIEW tailored to its unique offering, has enabled its new acquisition to gain an unbeatable foothold in the market. We provide products that have a distinctive edge through our technological difference (even the designs), through our innate UI characteristics and UX experience to our customers. Our approach is not only about flexibility and fast turnaround time but also about better risk management, timely feedback, targeted results, enhanced customer satisfaction and quick problem solving. Adapting to the growing requirement of customers in real-time, our solutions are always dynamic in nature allowing customers to get the latest innovation and solution for their organisation. To make this happen, we collaborate with the customer to take them through all the phases of the product development. Moving towards the exploration phase along with the team creates a required development and healthy bonding. This provides better adaptability on quality terms to the product for its delivery and high customer satisfaction. We believe in utmost satisfaction of our customers by providing solutions in set timeline (Sprints).

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