Polishing the diamond

Real estate and hospitality sectors are the key revenue drivers of Al Moosa, which had commenced operations in the year 1970. Mohammed Khoori, Board Director and General Manager, AA Al Moosa, reveals the company’s plans for the next two years.

TT Bureau

In which countries do you currently manage properties?
We have hotels in Dubai, Sharjah, Oman; both in Muscat and Salalah and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Dammam. However, we are expanding our portfolio to include more properties to attract visitors.

Could you share plans for this year?
This year, we will be rebranding one of the hotels as ‘Golden Sands’ – this will be a unique concept as currently under this brand are hotel apartments and we want to venture into the hotel sector to provide more offerings to our loyal guests. For next year, we have planned to open three new hotels in Palm Jumeirah; Hilton, Marriott and Taj.

How do you promote the properties?
We partner with Dubai Tourism in their various international exhibitions, trade shows, roadshows etc. Dubai attracts visitors from all over the world, hence, we receive good number of clients from GCC, US, China, India etc. We maintain a steady growth of tourists from these countries and especially as India is the top source market for Dubai.

Are you looking at new markets this year?
Every year, we try to look at new markets and this year, we want to focus on Asia. So, we are looking at new partners and new markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

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