Sharjah focuses on innovation @ATM

Sharjah focuses on sustainability and innovation as its showcases its multiple offerings at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM). Travel leaders from across the world connect, interact and sign off valuable deals and partnerships over the four days of extravagant show.

As we mark our 24th participation at the ATM alongside 23 public and private entities representing the emirate, SCTDA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability within Sharjah’s tourism sector remains unwavering. The emirate stands out as a pioneer in the travel industry, embracing a comprehensive approach that includes significant progress in infrastructure development, the launch of authentic tourism and leisure destinations, and dedicated efforts to preserve cultural and historical treasures. Sustainability practices lie at the heart of these endeavours. In line with ATM’s theme of ‘Empowering Innovation – Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship,’ we are dedicated to reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of Sharjah in the tourism sector, fostering opportunities for individuals to craft unique travel experiences that are eco-conscious, sustainable, and innovative. The emirate’s entrepreneurial environment fosters groundbreaking initiatives across all sectors.

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