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Adel Mardini, CEO & Founder, Jetex, shares the role of private aviation in ME and how it is gaining prominence. He also elucidates the role of his company in encompassing needs of the potential traveller.

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How does private aviation bode for the Middle East?
Private aviation in the Middle East is growing and evolving, and this is due to an incredible infrastructure provided by the local authorities. Aside from the GCC, other markets are also growing significantly; Morocco and Egypt are two great examples.

Enumerate on the types of travellers. Is this seasonal? Please share more details.
Regarding the types of people who travel, we recognise a mix of governmental authorities, families, business people and celebrities, and the experience we offer them is always tailored to meet each of their individual needs. Although different markets will see an increase in travel due to seasonal trends, majority of us are constantly on the move not only for personal, but also for business travel. Due to the global network we operate within at Jetex, it is always high season somewhere that we are located.

Is travel more business or leisure based? Do families travel more now?
As mentioned above, we can see a variety of travellers. In the past, travel was more associated to business, but nowadays we can see a growth in the number of families travelling. According to Global Business Travel Association, business travel is expected to grow to $1.6 trillion in annual spend by 2020 and with the Expo coming to Dubai next year, we look forward to seeing an increase in business travel to the region.

Are there travel agents who specialise in this? If so, what is their role?
At Jetex, we offer an extended service that includes support for the aircraft, crew and the passengers. We take care of all the small details and create not just unique travel for our VIP customers, but also unique experiences. Whilst our ground handling team cares for the aircraft, our expert team of concierge can assist with ensuring that a seamless agenda of unique experiences is in place on arrival. These can include cruises, tours and event ticket bookings amongst many more. Especially when travelling for business, we understand that time is often money, so whether a traveller needs a quick business lunch reservation or a tailor-made agenda, we can accommodate.

Your thoughts on the growth of this industry?
We see an exponential growth in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Russia as well as CIS countries, South America and Southeast Asia.

Define the importance of hospitality in private aviation.
Private aviation and hospitality work together as partners to leverage each other. The introduction of so many new restaurants and activities in the UAE is appealing to the potential traveller.

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