Unique Experiences in the Emirate of Sharjah

The Emirate of Sharjah offers visitors and residents plenty of sights, sounds and exciting activities. With its rich tapestry of culture, heritage and history, the emirate is one of the most dynamic and vibrant regions in the UAE. Sharjah is home to souks, wildlife sanctuaries, diving spots, museums, parks, a safari park and a multitude of cultural attractions, while providing a host of world-class facilities to visitors and tourists.

Sharjah Safari

A new tourist destination, inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, on February 17, 2022, Sharjah Safari is the new spot for all adventure lovers.

A picturesque place nestled in the lap of nature, Sharjah Safari constitutes a rare opportunity for tourists and visitors to observe the endemic wildlife in Africa. Native African faunae roam without fences, in an environment similar to their natural environment. Sharjah Safari is host to more than 120 species of animals, which live in Africa and up to 50,000 animals, ranging from birds, reptiles and mammals; such as lions, elephants, giraffes, black and white rhinoceros, crocodiles, deer, bulls and many other endangered animals.

Al Dhaid Fort

Al Dhaid Fort is a testament to the ancient history of the city of Al Dhaid, which once formed a prosperous oasis with fresh water, fruitful palms and defensive buildings that provide security and safety for its residents. The fort, which dates back to 1820 during the reign of Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi, then ruler of Sharjah, consists of a square-shaped building; 32 metres long and 26 metres wide and includes a number of rooms that have been converted
into exhibition halls containing historical displays of the city of Al Dhaid and its heritage.

Al Suhub Rest House

The highest point in Khorfakkan offers a charming panoramic view of the city, the new attraction centres around a distinctive circular structure, with a diameter of 30 metres. A unique way to explore Khorfakkan’s mountains, Al Suhub Rest is a recently built mountain-side rest stop that lies nearly 600 metres above sea level, offering panoramic views across Khorfakkan. A range of wonderful facilities, including a luxury restaurant, make Al Suhub Rest an ideal family attraction. The complex, built with a carefully-designed, safe road includes viewing points along the way.

Wadi Shees and Shees Park

Shees park is located on the new Khorfakkan road and is considered a prominent ecotourism project in the eastern region of Sharjah. Characterized by its unique location between tall mountains, provjiding visitors with an exceptional chance to explore the mountain ranges of the region, the park includes several paths of 506 metres surrounded by palm trees, a collection of native plants, a games area and shaded areas for families. Those looking to venture beyond the park can follow one of the tracks to Shees Valley for a scenic hiking trail. The path winds between the mountains and runs alongside a picturesque waterway, joining an old village and local farms.

Khorfakkan Beach

This 3-kilometre crescent-shaped beach is one of the most popular Sharjah tourist places and weekend getaways in the UAE, with activities for every kind of traveller. Lined with palm trees and facing glittering waters, the sand makes a great playground for adults and children with swing sets and football goalposts. Explore the water with a relaxing swim or with boat and jet ski rentals, available in the huts near the centre of the corniche. Deeper into the water, there are several fishing spots to make a big catch. Choose from sailing, scuba diving, or snorkelling near Shark Island, which is just a short boat ride from the beach.

Sharjah Mosque

More than five years in the making, the largest mosque in Sharjah opened its doors in 2019. The Dh300 million building occupies 185,806 square metres with a capacity to accommodate over 25,000 worshippers. An abiding symbol of faith, the structure is well worth visiting for the chance to view its grandeur; surrounded by gardens and water fountains, the domes, minarets and columns have been designed to reflect a unique Islamic architectural style. Home to a large library rich in Islamic works, the mosque is also equipped to welcome non-Muslim visitors and lovers of knowledge from around the world. The collection hall is a unique treasury of books and antiques from different Islamic eras.

The House of Wisdom

As part of Sharjah’s newest award, UNESCO World Book Capital of 2019, celebrations, the emirate opened a new library; The House of Wisdom, a high-tech library and culture centre is set to be a catalyst for a new cultural quarter in the emirate, featuring more than 100,000 books. The building sits amid landscaped gardens and features a large, cantilevered “floating” roof, with a 15-metre-wide overhang that provides shade during the day. The House of Wisdom is key in a reimagining of the role of libraries in community life of the future, a social hub for learning, supported by innovation and technology with facilities including thousands of physical and digital books, exhibition spaces, a Fabrication Lab, Print-on-demand book stations, discussion halls and much more.

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