A luxurious sojourn in Hokkaido

If you are looking for a relaxing post-lockdown vacation, Hokkaido is the place to go for a holistic holiday experience. Discover a world of breathtaking beauty, unique culinary experiences, storied heritage, and endless adventures on Japan’s northernmost island. It is Japan’s largest and most fascinating prefecture, covering roughly a quarter of the country.

With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games drawing the world’s attention for weeks, Japan was the most sought-after destination in 2020. The Olympic marathons and race-walking events were held in the cool environs of Hokkaido. Japan’s famed ‘Omotenashi’, the time-honored spirit of selfless hospitality that goes above and beyond, was experienced by the entire world.

Fall in love with Hokkaido’s pristine landscapes, which are known for their natural beauty and produce. Immerse yourself in slow-paced travel with guided tours to organic farms where you can learn about traditional farming and vegetable harvesting firsthand. A trip to Hokkaido’s vineyards is a must if you want to savour hand-picked fine wines while taking in the stunning scenery. Yoichi wineries have harnessed Japanese terroirs to create a distinct expression from their European counterparts. Furthermore, the three-Michelin-star Noma restaurant in Copenhagen offers Yoichis premium wines for connoisseurs to enjoy. Do not miss Japan’s celebrity Michelin-starred chef Tomoyuki Takao’s ingenious Italian culinary marvels made with the region’s freshest seasonal products while you are here. He is a dedicated chef who traverses the highlands and forages the nearby harbour for traditional Ainu foods and fresh seafood to use in his gourmet creations. He is noted for curating neo-Hokkaido cuisine by incorporating the Ainu (Hokkaido’s indigenous people) culinary methods.

Say yes to adrenaline-fueled adventures at Hokkaido’s gorgeous ski locations for skiing and snowboarding in the winters and unrushed tee-offs at the lush golf courses in the summers if you are outdoorsy. Experience Ryuhyo’s awe-inspiring drift ice that stretches from Hokkaido’s northern shore all the way to Siberia by stepping into a massive frozen sea. Enjoy this unique seasonal phenomenon by embarking on ice-walking trips through the ice-covered paradise.

In Hokkaido, you can fulfill your wanderlust with a wide assortment of sightseeing options set among nature’s stunning artistry. The best time to visit during Sakura season is in April, when the cityscape is framed in vibrant hues by cherry blossoms. Hokkaido is a refuge for nature lovers and adventure seekers, with towering mountains, active volcanoes, meandering rivers, verdant meadowlands, and the vast ocean. Discover a plethora of opulent hotels with world-class service and amazing cityscape views. An ever-growing number of design-led hotels continue to push the frontiers and redefine luxury getaways in this city.

From the ultra-luxurious ‘Haku Villas’ with an infinity onsen hot spring to the minimalist ‘Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono’ with breathtaking views of the Annapuri mountain ranges to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve ‘Higashiyama Niseko Village’ in Hokkaido’s icy wilderness. You will be spoiled for choice, with everything from world-class ski resorts to the peaceful isolation of ryokans on offer.

Rosewood Niseko, Aman Niseko, and Six Senses Niseko are all set to open their doors to discerning travellers soon, further cementing Hokkaido as the destination of choice for premium vacations and exciting adventures. Start planning your next vacation now, as this tranquil oasis is ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. With Bear Luxe Japan’s tailored vacation arrangements, you can cross Hokkaido off your travel bucket list. With a diverse range of seasonal attractions and natural wonders, any time is the ideal time to discover Hokkaido’s fascinating charms. Allow us to create bespoke adventures for you to tap into unlimited travel opportunities in Japan the ‘Bear Luxe Japan’ way.

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