‘Amsaan’ for accessible travel

In a move to promote accessible tourism, Gulf People of Determination Information Technologies has developed an app designed for those who are deaf and short of hearing to travel without a hassle, shares Nida Inamdar, Marketing Manager, GPDIT.

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Could you share about the app developed for people with determined hearing?

Amsaan is a customised software designed for Deaf and People with Hearing loss. In one click the user can connect with a sign language interpreter and choose which sign language you want to use. It will connect the user with an online Sign Language Interpreter, who will translate the conversation between the participant and the deaf person. Amsaan eliminates the necessity for an onsite sign language interpreter, allowing Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to communicate without assistance using their smartphone or through a preinstalled tablet.

Accessible tourism is a key focus in Dubai, how will this help as a tourist?

The majority of deaf people cannot read or comprehend the text – they prefer to use sign language interpreters to understand documents and texts. AMSAAN gives an opportunity for guests to connect with online interpreters which are available on application 24×7. We are striving to develop an ecosystem that is deaf friendly for the deaf that allows them to travel to the UAE with ease making it the first deaf friendly country. Consequently, the first group of deaf travellers from Uzbekistan were recently hosted in the UAE with significant support by Coral Beach Resort Sharjah. They used AMSAAN to communicate with the vendors at in Sharjah and Dubai to purchase gifts, souvenirs.

Where and how does the app work? Do travel, tourism and hospitality related services have access?

We have currently deployed AMSAAN in the hospitality sector. We are committed to making most facilities deaf-friendly so that deaf tourists and residents may travel without any barriers and have a pleasant stay at the hotel. We are also endeavouring to implement AMSAAN in other essential sectors such as transportation, healthcare, HoReCa, banking and many others.

Are they able to access it without wifi as well?

Since it is a video relay service, it requires a wifi or data connection to connect to the sign language interpreters who are connected to the application from all over the world.

Can they connect in flights, hotels and attractions?

Definitely! AMSAAN can connect everywhere and at any time. AMSAAN only requires an internet connection to connect.

How do you demarcate them from the rest?

AMSAAN is an easy-to-use application. Communication between deaf individuals and the environment becomes nearly unobstructed with the assistance of this application.

AMSAAN provides city tours for the deaf in sign language.

Our platform has various sign language options

Interactive Map on the application which shows where AMSAAN service is available.

QR codes to be scanned by AMSAAN mobile application for watching a pre-recorded video in sign language about the history of the site, location, directions.

AMSAAN Web Widget feature that can be embedded on any business website that connects with sign language interpreters. Interpreter translates webpage content into sign language (as Deaf People avoid to reading text information). These are a few of the many ways we demarcate from the rest.

Technology needs training, how do you conduct them?

For this application, there is no additional training required since it is a video relay service that resembles a video call between the participant, sign language interpreter and the deaf person.

Am I right to say assisted help for the app? How do they connect with people using this app?

For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, AMSAAN is an easy to use application as it allows them to immediately connect to a sign language interpreter anytime they need to interact with someone. To use the app, they simply have to download it from the Play Store or the App Store. Businesses which strive to be deaf-friendly can install our tablet AMSAAN PRO, which includes engineered software that is accessible by deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

Would you be looking at upgrading it with more features ?

Yes, we are introducing new features to AMSAAN to make it more accessible and available to millions of deaf individuals throughout the world.

What is the investment and how do they procure it?

For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, they can install this application and use it instantly. Businesses can install our tablets with pre-installed software, we provide commercial packages for them.

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