Amsaan promotes inclusivity at theme parks

Amsaan-MOTIONGATE Dubai will enhance theme park experience for hearing impaired visitors. This tie-up takes a leap towards inclusivity in entertainment industry, with Amsaan leading the charge in making such experiences accessible to everyone. Traditional methods of communication, such as signs or verbal instructions, are challenging and can often lead to misunderstandings.

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This initiative introduces on-demand Emirati sign language for ride descriptions, safety norms, and park instructions, allowing local hearing impaired visitors to access essential information by scanning QR codes linked to Amsaan’s dedicated platform with Emirati sign language videos. These visitors will be able to navigate MOTIONGATE™ Dubai independently and make informed decisions about attractions, enabling a more self-reliant, barrier-free, and enjoyable experience. This project is not static, based on feedback from the community and park visitors, there will be continuous enhancement of these hearing impaired-
friendly features.

“This partnership is not about making a theme park accessible; it is about fostering a culture of inclusivity. By combining technological innovation with a commitment to the hearing impaired community, Amsaan and MOTIONGATE™ Dubai are leading the way in transforming entertainment spaces into accessible experiences for everyone, setting a precedent for other industry players. With over 11 million individuals in the Middle East alone, this step will pave the way for more organizations to embrace inclusivity, creating a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can fully experience any entertainment,” Vitalii Mykhalchuk, CEO, AMSAAN said.

The implementation process was a collaborative effort between MOTIONGATE™ Dubai and Amsaan, with local Emirati hearing impaired employees playing a vital role in translating the text into Emirati sign language. A quality assurance process has been implemented to review and verify the accuracy and relevance of the interpretations videos before generating the QR codes. Though there were complexities, Amsaan guided and trained the MOTIONGATE™ Dubai team to foster a mutual understanding of sign language nuances optimising their accessibility as well as effectiveness.

“The collaboration between MOTIONGATE™ Dubai part of Dubai Holding Entertainment, one of the largest diversified entertainment groups in the region, and AMSAAN with this initiative leap towards inclusivity. By providing QR codes on the signboards of our theme park into sign language videos, we are bridging worlds, making communication effortless for the hearing impaired community. This initiative showcases the power of technological advancements and is a measures toward a more inclusive world,” Al Anood Al Hashemi, Vice President, Organizational Culture and Impact, Dubai Holding Entertainment, commented.

This collaboration showcases Amsaan’s capabilities in innovative QR code integration and highlights its role as a leader in promoting inclusivity in the entertainment industry. The  initiative’s success will be measured through user engagement, increased visitation by the local hearing impaired visitors, heightened accessibility awareness, and of accessibility features.

Looking ahead, Amsaan and Dubai Holding Entertainment plan to expand the QR code system and upgrading the accessibility of destinations, including LEGOLAND Dubai Resort. Amsaan is committed to transforming tourism as it recognises that overlooking accessible tourism has led to a loss of US$150 billion globally. By making numerous facilities friendly for the hearing impaired, the company is fostering a safer, barrier-free communication infrastructure, benefiting both the business ecosystem and the travellers, while syncing with the UAE government’s Dubai Team for Accessible Travel and Tourism.

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