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Assurance with limitless coverage

Many credit cards have travel insurance embedded in their plans. Arijit Munshi, General Manager, Tune Protect, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEIA) and Gururaj SA, General Manager, Sur Travels, shed light on the importance of a correct travel assurance plan.

Arijit Munshi, General Manager, Tune Protect EMEIA

Does a traveller credit card offer full protection before, during and after travel?
A credit card travel protection plans can provide insurance coverage for some key events, provided the traveller has used his/her personal credit card to pay for the travel. Further, coverage benefits and limitations vary widely depending upon the card issuer and the insurance partner. Credit card with travel protection plans usually come free of cost and therefore, benefits are limited. So, instead of replacing the travel protection plan, the traveller can use these complimentary benefits. Besides, travellers must not expect credit card travel protection plans to cover all the standard contingencies of the trip.

What if the traveller cancels travel mid-way?
Experiencing hiccups during travel is rare and unfortunate. Tune Protect travel assurance before, during and after is one such plan that caters to such emergencies. The travel protection plans includes benefits for trip delays, trip interruptions and trip cancellations or even a terrorist incident at the destination. However, such events should not stop travellers from travelling. The travel assurance plans, in partnership with local insurance partners, will cover trip cancellation because of a terrorist incident at the destination. Furthermore, the traveller will be covered for medical and hospital expenses.

Gururaj S A, General Manager, Sur Travels

What is your key advice for travellers when it comes to travel protection programmes?
Travel insurance is a must for any traveller — be it for business or leisure. The travel protection plans must have enough protection for travellers against various uncertainties that may ruin a pleasant enjoyable trip. Before investing in a travel cover, a traveller should always remember the terminology, identify the coverage types, know the exclusions, review the coverage and understand the claimfiling process. The most important factor is to purchase a travel assurance cover immediately after finalising and purchasing travel products before commencement of the journey.

If the traveller has not consulted a doctor before cancelling the trip due to illness, will that create a hindrance with the travel cover?
Pre-existing medical condition, under most policies, will not be covered unless declared. However, most insurance providers have a list of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered too. It is important to be transparent with one’s insurance provider and inform them about any ailments that the traveller may have prior to travelling. And traveling without declaring is not advisable

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