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Better ROI with Oneview IT Solutions

Travel agents are busy developing their web portals for B2B interactions these days, through various project management solutions. Oneview IT Solutions recommends that they can take the Agile approach to ensure better return on investment and accommodate client’s requests to stay ahead in competition.


According to statistics, Agile projects increases the efficiency of teams to 16 per cent in terms of productivity and delivers a 37 per cent faster time to market, compared to the industry average. This is the approach recommended by Oneview IT Solutions for various business models developed as B2B travel portals.
Today, these portals have become a buzzword in the travel industry. Few companies get their travel portal prepared internally with an in-house team and some opt for professional travel portal development companies. Big chunk of travel players also wish to enjoy the technological advancement of the era and can ride the bandwagon. Most travel agencies are either planning to or are associated with many giant IT technology players in the market to get the right kind of portal for themselves. Some leading technology companies connect with travel agencies to apprise them of the readily available features and facilities as a package. So if more agents advise and use Agile concepts, they can act as a catalyst and add value to address their basic needs and provide remedies to mitigate their pain areas.
Agile is relatively a project management process which implies an interactive and incremental method of management. Travel players are involved throughout the projects, which gives them a better visibility and flexibility to modify their requirements at an early stage, reducing the project failure risks. This raises confidence and satisfaction level of the travel agency management, wherein they co-operate to minimise hurdles or constraints of their IT partner team.
To have a better online travel business, one has to have the right mix of different XMLs and GDS system to draw the best content on the travel portal. Apart from search and bookings, stakeholders are gearing up for innovative and cost-effective solutions for exploring the technological approach to market their products and retain their customers. This increases the agility level of the travel industry as each travel player has their unique/ personalised set of ideas or requirements via which they wish to serve their own customers by maintaining the security level of their ideas.
“Oneview IT Solutions collaborates and establishes the platform where travel players can visualise the comfort of their own in-house IT department developments,” comments Brijesh Agarwal, Director Operations, Oneview IT solutions. “We collaborate along with the travel players as their IT solution partners to take them through all the phases of their product development. Features required are prioritised in the product backlog as per Agile methodologies and developed and delivered within the defined sprints.”
For customer collaboration, a healthy communication mechanism is set whereas KANBAN portrays the daily development to each stakeholder. “An Oneview IT expert ensures the secrecy and security of their customised idea of get to go market within specified sprints,” assures Fazil AH, Product Head, Oneview IT Solutions.

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