Diverse portfolio rewards one and all

Radisson Hotel Group is excited to be part of ATM this year and share their plans with stakeholders.

Shehara Rizly

Tim Cordon, Area Senior Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Radisson Hotel Group has been spearheading operations and ensuring the brand’s growth, and most importantly, generating profit in the region. He was one of the youngest to enter the British Hospitality Hall of Fame with the ‘Alpha Forum Prize—Young Manager’ Award in 2006. ATM is by far the most important travel trade networking event which generates business in the region and beyond. Cordon shares, “The ATM comes at a time to gather industry leaders and stakeholders and provide them with an opportunity to share insights as the world continues to see an increase in domestic and global travel demand. We are excited to be a part of ATM this year and share our regional expansion plans with customers and stakeholders. We are keen to participate in the optimistic conversation about the travel and tourism industry and look forward to a positive 2022.”

“Radisson has been working to reward as I stated before, the businesses and consumer alike. They have one of the most unique rewards programmes where travel agents can register and earn points through the business they bring and the consumer or their client also has an equal opportunity to earn points when they spend through the agents  which is a unique way to reward the hard working individuals who set out to be heroes as they delivered what their client required. They ensured that all the cancellations were compensated, stood by their clients through thick and thin. Radisson did the very same—developed specialized programmes, and hybrid meeting bookings to ensure that all their customers are well looked after when it is needed. We work with travel agents as they are a key source of leisure business,” he reiterated.

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