End-to-end travel assurance

A comprehensive travel assurance plan is meant to completely change the way travel protection is looked at. Juliet Irwin, General Manager, Fahad Express Travel and Tourism, shares how the extremely well-thought-out plan ensures clients have nothing to fear when away from home.

What is the Travel Assurance Plan all about?
Tune Protect’s Travel Assurance Plan comes in four variants – Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Silver Plus. All these plans are Schengen-compliant, including USA/Canada, or excluding USA/Canada, and cover both inbound and outbound travel.
The plan covers a string of benefits like accidental death and permanent disablement, accidental and sickness medical reimbursement, follow-up treatment in home country, compassionate visit, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation of mortal remains. It also covers the more regular ones like loss of travel documents and of personal money, or delay on arrival.

The plan also goes on to include ‘home away’ protection and mugging. The Platinum, Gold, and Silver plans come with a value add, that is free coverage for one accompanying named infant per insured person, with a 10 per cent limit of applicable benefits of the regular plan.

What is unique about this travel protection product?
This comprehensive plan from Tune Protect is extremely well-thought of. It takes care of almost all eventualities that travellers might face. What differentiates this plan from most others are its unique inclusions, like ‘home away’ protection, mugging, and compassionate visit. While we always hope that none of our travellers face such a calamity, if an event does happen, travellers can stay secure with the knowledge that they are well-covered.

What is the need for a comprehensive policy in today’s time?
The need for a comprehensive policy exists especially today, because you never know what might happen. People want to ensure that their hard-earned belongings are protected in their absence. People travel to unknown lands where they are not fully conversant with the surroundings or even with the risks of staying and travelling there. An end-to-end cover, therefore, is a must for them. Travel Assurance Plan fits the bill perfectly.

Are travellers aware of this plan?
A considerable percentage is mindful in choosing the right travel protection plan, as they plan for their desired holiday. Travellers, including adventure enthusiasts, prefer to take calculated risks. ‘Better safe than sorry’ is the mantra, as is evident from the popularity of the plan.

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