Fly with your pooches onboard

BARK Air, the world’s first airline dedicated to dogs, could be an ideal carrier for ME travellers, as they have been seeking a more convenient way to travel with their pooches onboard.

Dr Shehara Rizly

BARK Air first took flight in May between New York and Los Angeles and New York and London, with first of its kind travel experience, where the airline’s main theme is “dogs fly first”. The entire idea is to help dogs fly with their humans comfortably and conveniently. Hence, the airline has been adding multiple destinations in the US and now slowly moving into the European sectors as well. Currently, they operate to seven destinations and judging by the way in which there is necessity, they will keep expanding their network.

It’s the white glove experience or typical first-class experience which is provided for the dogs at BARK Air, where the pampering and personalisation puts “dogs first”. Matt Meeker, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BARK Air, says, “The interest and enthusiasm around Bark Air to date have been overwhelming. We are excited to expand BARK Air’s service to new cities and through new routes, accommodating customer demand and bringing our unique, stress-free dog-centric travel experience to even more families.” The one-way fare for the airline will be in the range of $3k to $8k.



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