Program on Spain for trade partners

To familiarize travel trade with wealth of knowledge about the country, its rich history, culture, gastronomy, Turespaña, has compiled a Spain Specialist Program campaign for the trade partners in the Gulf Region. The program has been designed to suit the requirements of the travel trade in the Gulf Region, says Daniel Rosado, Director GCC, Spain Tourism.

Shehara Rizly

Daniel Rosado, Director GCC, Spain Tourism shares, “Turespaña has designed different online training programs about Spain in the Gulf Region so that the partners in travel trade can obtain the expertise on how to present Spain to their customers. These tools will help the travel trade discover everything about Spain through its different courses, which starts off with a basic one followed by an advanced course, it also entails cultural routes and other products and autonomous regions.”

He says, “The Spain Specialist Course offers a wealth of knowledge to plan a vacation to Spain. Travel trade partners can learn about the different regions of Spain, including Capri or Canary Islands, Mediterranean Spain, and the beautiful Green Spain also known as the Northwest regions. With popular itineraries that include the incredible gastronomy, scenic wine routes, and cities with World Heritage Sites that cannot be missed, it is recommended that trade partners should begin this course today to learn all about the varied offerings the destination has to offer.”

He explains the travel trade partners can become a certified expert on one of the most visited countries in the world, Spain. They will obtain the ‘Certificate of Specialist in Spain’. Rosado says, “There are four different courses with 41 modules with more than 1,700 minutes of training. One starts off with the basic course, which gives an opportunity to discover Spain containing useful information about the country,  that will help travel professionals to plan their clients’ vacation in Spain. Once you get on the Advanced Content, you will enhance your knowledge and tap into some of the more intricate areas, which will broaden your whole outlook and knowledge about Spain. You will get to know Spanish art, culture, and gastronomy in depth. You will also discover the many types of tourism that the country has to offer, so that you can recommend Spain to those clients who have not yet decided to visit it. If you pursue the cultural routes, this is a very specialized area, which provides you enhanced details about the destination, Spain with the routes, itineraries and types of tourism that are most popular among travellers who visit Spain every year. Next step is to learn about the autonomous regions. In this you can learn in depth about the various autonomous regions of Spain.” Do not miss the opportunity, join the Spain Specialist Program and start enjoying everything it has to offer: Registration

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