Promoting tourism with Turkish cuisine

Rizgar Sak, founder Chairman of Dives Holding, has a vision of establishing the brand’s name and presence as one of the leading F&B companies in Dubai.

Shehara Rizly


Q Could you share a brief about the company and its many offerings?

Dives Holding is a foundation operating in the food and beverage sector. We have partnered with CZN Burak and opened our first restaurant in Dubai. Meanwhile, we are planning on expanding in the same sector in GCC by incorporating other brands in our business.

Q You started with a restaurant specialising in Turkish cuisine and within a few months opened an outlet in Dubai Mall as well. How are they both doing?

The feedback we have got since the opening of CZN Burak Restaurant is just incredible. Hence, we developed CZN Burak Burger project and we are opening our first outlet very soon in Dubai. This project is going to allow us to expand faster in other locations.

Q Could you describe the clientele that patronise the restaurant and the burger outlet?

CZN Burak brand really appeals to people from all walks of life, especially kids. Firstly, Turkish cuisine is not just familiar but is loved in this part of the world. However, for CZN Burak Burger outlet, we focus more on kids.

Q How will food and beverage be a driver to promote tourism and travel between the two destinations?

We have actually seen the ongoing impact of the success of CZN Burak brand in terms of tourism  between UAE and Turkey. We have observed the increase in Turkish tourists in the UAE, the reason being that CZN Burak is a Turkish brand. This also means that when we open an outlet in a new location, we end up promoting Turkey too.

Q What are the key priorities for 2021?

As you can imagine, we haven’t achieved what we wanted to due to the pandemic. In 2021, I believe things will look up and we will make it through this period with just a few mild complications. Two more CZN Burak restaurants and more than one CZN Burak Burger joint in GCC are among our expansion plans in 2021.

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