Swiss towns appeal to Gulf tourists

GCC travellers seek a wide range of experiences, and among them are exploring destinations rich in culture and heritage, indulging in activities, experiencing accommodation and the ease of travel with the Swiss Travel System. Montreux-Vevey in Switzerland is one such destination that provides travellers with what they seek: an experience worth their trip.

Shehara Rizly

Vevey, known as one of the ‘Pearls of the Swiss Riviera’ in the canton of Vaud, is a quaint, Riviera-like town on the shore of Lake Geneva. Some of the most interesting sites in this town are the statue of Charlie Chaplin along the lake promenade and a big fork stuck in the lake. The town is well preserved with all its rich historical buildings, churches, monuments, statues, and the wayside boutiques with their unique identity. It is one of many breathtaking views of the Alpine panorama; vineyards that still remain; a town square, which gives it almost a yesteryear image. It is said that Charlie Chaplin spent his last 25 years in this town, and his monument has been built in his honour. The International FMCG Nestle headquarters are also part of the town right beside the lake.

Swimmers paradise

Lake Geneva attracts swimmers from across the globe. The cruise boat ride is an unmatched experience, with breathtaking views. The place is a hidden treasure for travellers from the GCC as it is also an unwinding destination. Chocolatiers, patisseries, and trinket boutiques bring out its French heritage. Dinner at one of the most unique places on the lakeshore, ‘Ze Fork’ restaurant, offers French, Mediterranean, European, and contemporary cuisine friendly to vegetarians and vegans, with gluten-free options to suit every diner.

Sustainability is priority

Everywhere in the town, you will see water fountains where you can fill your bottle of water, which is pure and carbon free. Hence, carbon emissions are at a low key as the town is well connected by their Swiss Travel System, from boats to the railway, so travellers and citizens are able to reduce their carbon footprint and bask in the natural beauty of nature. Tiffany Duc, PR and Media Manager, Montreux-Vevey Tourism Switzerland, reiterated, “Vevey is a destination we want to promote to the GCC market as the travellers from the region are looking for rich cultural, historical, or heritage experiences. Our marketing department accommodates FAM trips all year long. Our intention is to provide maximum information by welcoming tour operators and travel agents from different markets to explore and learn about our destination, to discover and indulge in activities, experience accommodation and the ease of travel with the Swiss Travel System as part of our main work with travel agents and tour operators. We also have tour operators dedicated to travelling to the GCC destinations, mostly to Dubai, to promote our destination and also to create and strengthen the networks. We have a partnership with Swiss Tourism, which is also another channel through which we get into contact with the tour operators in the GCC market as they usually attend trade events. The exciting news this year is that we applied to host the GCC workshop for agents, DMCs, and TMCs in our canton and we won the right to host the event this year from 18 to 28 September 2022. More details will follow in the upcoming months.”

Swiss Travel System

Getting by in Switzerland from the airport to the hotel and beyond is extremely easy. The Swiss Travel System provides a traveller with an app to utilise every step of the way. According to a recent study, in the GCC, more Gen Z travellers opt for unique experiences with added rich culture and heritage but to experience them at their own pace. The travel system provides the opportunity, with its boats, trains, and buses that connect cities, towns, and attractions across the different cantons and even beyond, to visit the rest of Europe. Andreas Nef, Market Manager GCC, Swiss Travel System shared, “We are looking at attracting not only the locals in the GCC but also the expats. We have been able to study this market and we understand the needs of the travellers. Hence, we ensure that we cater to their requirements. In every mode of transportation, there are different classes, which gives every individual traveller an opportunity to select the class they wish to travel in and the destinations to be covered. Swiss trains are always on time and will arrive at the specified time at each destination.”

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