Travel partners invited for Swiss program

Switzerland is promoting its Swiss Travel System’s Excellence Program aimed at equipping travel agents, tour operators and media to understand and explore the different aspects of the Swiss Travel System, and finally reward them with a trip to Switzerland, Andreas Nef, Market Manager GCC, Swiss Travel System, shares with TRAVTALK.

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Switzerland is promoting its Swiss Travel System’s Excellence Program for partners from the Middle East. “Participants will get a profound knowledge of the Swiss Travel System and Switzerland as a tourism destination. There are lucky draws on a regular basis for participants who have successfully completed the programme with great prizes to win, such as Swiss watches. The whole programme consists of several modules covering various topics. For completing a module, 5 to 20 minutes are required. Participants will be tested to check on the progress of each of them,” said Andreas Nef, Market Manager GCC, Swiss Travel System.

“Each participant can earn points in making progress in the programme, especially by completing the test. Additional points can be earned for participating in extra modules, e.g., the Excellence Talk. Our aim is to welcome every person interested to join in the programme,” he added.

Speaking about the benefits of attending and completing the programme, Nef shared, “Once a participant has concluded the whole programme and passed all the tests, a certificate will be issued with the title of “Swiss Travel Pass Excellence Expert”. This certificate states that the person in possession of it is an expert of Swiss Travel System. Finishing the programme does not mean you are done with everything. Regular updates are planned and special content available once participants are registered. Our goal is to interact with the Excellence Program community and give them access to exclusive content and information.”

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