Travelport+ changes the game

Ensuring that their customers would receive an exceptional standard of technological support Travelport recently rebranded its identity bringing in a new trend in to the present new normal situation post pandemic. Kathryn Wallington, Head of Middle East and Africa, Travelport shares insights with TRAVTALK.

Shehara Rizly

Q What was the reason for rebranding?

Travelport today is a very different company to the Travelport of even just two years ago – so, the rebrand is a reflection of where we are now as a company, and our vision for the future. We started transforming over 18 months ago, shaped by three strategic priorities:

  • Building our Platform: Developing a new technology platform for all our customers that will leapfrog the competition and set a new benchmark in our industry.
  • Investing to Win: Proactively allocating resources in pursuit of opportunities that deliver the best financial return.
  • Controlling our Business: Identifying and ruthlessly prioritizing activities that enable us to achieve our desired results.

Q How will Travelport+ be different from before?

Travelport+ is Travelport’s multi-year investment in a next-generation platform, designed to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content distribution, travel retailing and value generation. We think travel hasn’t kept up with the evolution of modern digital retail and today, the buying and selling of travel is more complex than it needs to be. Travelport+ is an opportunity to accelerate the transformation of our industry, stripping away unnecessary layers of complexity in travel retail.

Q Could you share more details on how Travelport+ this rebranding will help restart the industry?

We’ve designed Travelport+ to accelerate the transformation of our industry, stripping away unnecessary layers of complexity in travel retail. In addition to bringing together the most compelling range of air (ATPCO, LCC and NDC), car, hotel, and rail content; Travelport+ will include an ever-broadening array of new tools with retail and merchandising capabilities designed to improve the traveler experience, while maximizing revenue and customer loyalty for travel retailers and suppliers. It will also enable customers to more tightly control their cost-to-serve and enhance their value generation.

Q What initiatives have you planned for 2021?

Our rebrand and the launch of Travelport+ are just the beginning of what’s going to be a transformational year for us. The launch is just the start of an evolution into the best multi-source content aggregator in the world – so stay tuned for many more developments in coming months.

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