What will make a cruise ship safe again?

Microbe Marine, a well-established team of marine professionals with vast experience in hazardous materials and hygiene virus auditing on ships and rigs have the solution to help re-establish the cruise industry and rebuild consumer trust with its Oxygen Cluster Process (OCP) technology.

Citing the silent spreaders and viruses transmitted from surface contact as the main causes of virus transmission, the Oxygen Cluster Process (OCP) will combat these main risks by producing a mass of oxygen clusters, which bombard and kill all viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air, disinfecting clothes and people without any impact 24/7, keeping passengers and crews safe.  The directors at Microbe Marine have been working closely with the top specialists in the marine and science field to adopt a well-proven technology for the marine market.

“Cruise lines are currently looking at several operational changes to combat the coronavirus. They are considering drastic actions such as reducing the number of passengers on board and guests in show lounges, spacing out bar and restaurant seating and assigning fewer crew members. Some of the technical innovations proposed are wearable devices for crowd control, digital casinos, and robot crew members are just a few of the interventions being pursued by ship designers. These are all extreme initiatives and will make it very difficult for the industry to operate efficiently. Besides, these are not cure but treatment, whereas OCP kills the viruses,” says John Chillingworth, Senior Marine Principal, Microbe Marine.

The Oxygen Cluster Process can be easily installed to assist in the marine industry’s requirements. The system kills viruses and eliminates microbes including SARS COVID 2, COVID-19, Norovirus and bacteria in the air and on surfaces throughout the ship, automatically and continuously 24/7. It also removes odours quickly and efficiently.

The clusters disinfect fabrics, people, floors, buttons, work surfaces, buffets, anything the air touches, without any knowledge or residue. This combats the main risk of surface contamination and reduces the impact of silent spreaders.

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