Atomize gives tech boost to hotel industry

Atomize, a lean revenue management software (RMS) for hotels, witnesses exceptional demand in the Middle East as hoteliers look to boost their revenues and grow their market share in the fast paced recovery.  The tool automatically sets optimal rates for hotel rooms.

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Just in the last three months, Atomize has expanded its Middle East footprint with the addition of three prominent hotel groups. Last month, the 270-room Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay became the first of seven Gulf Court Hotel properties to choose Atomize, with the ambition to do a full roll-out planned across the group’s portfolio. This followed the announcement by Dubai-based Suha Hospitality in March to deploy Atomize in all four of its luxury hotel apartment properties in Dubai, with several more in the pipeline.

Earlier this year, JA Resorts & Hotels appointed Atomize as its exclusive revenue management software partner for its 10 luxury properties representing 1,500 rooms in Dubai, Maldives and Seychelles. “We are delighted with the exceptional response we have received to our market entry here in the Middle East and are grateful to have had the opportunity to welcome many fantastic hotel partners across the region,” said Atomize CEO
Alexander Edström.  “At Atomize we help hoteliers boost their revenues and maximise their profitability by automatically setting optimal rates for hotel rooms through our lean RMS solution that is sophisticated, yet very easy to use,” Edström added.

The need for an automated revenue management tool that supports reliable, real-time price optimisation, yet doesn’t require hours of training to use, has been among the key criteria for the selection of Atomize by hotel partners in the Middle East.

Hotels are increasingly asked to do more with less, they need to protect their cost base while maximising their revenue potential. Commenting on the partnership with Atomize, Rochelle Castillejos, Group Director, Revenue, Distribution & Optimization, Gulf Hotels Group, said: “In a fast-paced market like Dubai it is essential to use an RMS that supports real-time price optimisation. In Atomize we have a revenue management tool that we trust to make these data driven decisions for us and increase our revenues and operational efficiency at the same time.” Kamal S. Lohar, Cluster Director, Finance, Suha Hospitality said: “In a dynamic market like Dubai there is simply too much data to process manually to ensure that our hotels are optimally priced at all times. Atomize helps us detect subtle changes in demand and adjusts our rates accordingly, thus capturing greater revenues and providing us with more time to invest in strategic analysis and planning.”

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