Shift in booking patterns

German tour operator and DMC Remaz Tours GmbH is now able to connect with travel trade once again after they assemble after a hiatus of three years in Berlin.

TT Bureau

Maher Azizia, MD, Remaz Tours GmbH, said how this year’s ITB Berlin will be special to the travel trade across the world. “Middle East region and GCC is an important market for us, as well as the USA, South America, and Europe. In terms of summer, GCC/Middle East clientele seek Europe thus we have our inbound travelers. Come winter other markets such as Europe, the USA, South America turn towards GCC/Middle East to enjoy their winter in those destinations. This year’s ITB Berlin will be the first time that the travel trade can finally meet in Berlin without any restrictions as all the borders are now open and ready to explore the world.”

He further reiterates that MICE and business travel is picking up with all challenges around, “In fact, MICE and business travel is picking up, but the rising of global prices slowed down this development and the MICE organizers are required to adapt to this situation in presenting their offers and deals.” In terms of the current booking patterns, there has been a shift and he said. “Most customers are now turning to online booking where we have adapted this situation to satisfy them. The most destinations the customers want to go depends on which market you traveling from, for example, the European preference is Europe destinations in summer and GCC and Middle East in winter time, on the other hand, the Middle Eastern/GCC customers are willing to be in Europe for summer and Far East in winter.”

He explained how the sector is developing year-on year, “Tourism business has already improved last year, and I am expecting to continue more effectively in this year.”

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