Automation key to hotel revenue

Automation can make businesses competitive and help meet the changing demands of the highly uncertain times, shares Moses Sebastian, Manager-IT and Digital Marketing at Park Regis Business Bay, with TRAVTALK.

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When used wisely in hotel operations, automation can enhance revenue, improve visitor satisfaction, raise staff productivity and happiness, and generally improve the efficiency and profitability of the business.

How does the role of automation in the hospitality industry contribute to revenue?

Hotel revenue is diversified, requiring an effective revenue management strategy to optimise the existing channels to deliver the optimum outputs, consistently. Most smaller-scale properties to date follow manual methods in terms of managing their revenue channels, including their booking sources and OTAs, which can be both time-consuming and costly in the long term. A well-executed technology-concerned channel manager can handle these challenges without human intervention, improving the hotel’s bottom-line performance by significant margins. With the added benefit of AI optimisations, channel prioritisations and resource allocations can be done seamlessly.

Does digitalisation contribute to efficiency in the hospitality?

With the digitalisation of guest experiences, hoteliers and guests alike can experience visible benefits from the digitalisation of internal processes, including reservation, distribution, performance, task management, maintenance, and more. It helps transform hotels from high-touch spaces into high-tech self-service accommodations. The impact across customer-facing processes such as the reception, food outlets, and housekeeping processes will also have clear increases in efficiency, with processes being fed into a centralised system, and managed autonomously.

What measures or initiatives should be taken to further enhance revenue optimisation in hospitality?

Take it to the next level: Technology continues to exist as a catalyst of change, enhancing and adding convenience to every aspect of our lives. The need for the adoption of the latest technologies becomes an imperative, to take on the controller function between guest satisfaction, revenue management, and property management. A well-automated revenue and property management system will ensure that the property ranks at a higher level within the industry.

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