Visitor turnout from Germany up 12%

Grand Mercure Dubai City, gearing up for participation in ITB Berlin 2024, has identified Germany as an important market, as they have witnessed an increase of up to 12 per cent year on year between 2023 and 2024. The property has been growing in terms of attracting varied international visitors from across the globe and intends to continue this upward trajectory.

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Grand Mercure Dubai City is gearing up for ITB Berlin 2024 with a sophisticated strategy tailored to capture specific markets in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. This year’s focus centres on Europe, a continent celebrated for its rich diversity. The comprehensive plan includes a broad European focus for universal appeal, a specialized approach targeting the robust UK market due to its resilient economy, and a distinct emphasis on Germany, acknowledging its travel-savvy population. This nuanced strategy aims to capture diverse audiences with unique preferences, ensuring an effective presence at the international event.

Identifying the German market as pivotal, the property has witnessed a substantial increase in business share from 7 per cent to 12 per cent year on year, from 2023 to 2024. This growth underscores the market’s undeniable influence on the property’s success and revenue growth. The significance lies not only in its specificity but also in its adaptability, aligning with the evolving dynamics of the global travel landscape. Emphasizing on a family-oriented atmosphere, Grand Mercure Dubai City offers a warm ambiance with amenities like pools and engaging activities tailored for children. Strategically catering to the needs of families aligns seamlessly with the growing demand for comfortable family stays. The year has been exceptionally positive for the property, with total revenue experiencing an impressive growth of 16.2 per cent, surpassing the previous year. Concurrently, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) has increased by 20 per cent, solidifying the property’s status as a premium 5-star hotel.

In the broader context of the UAE’s hospitality landscape, the property observes the robust nature of the industry, particularly during events like COP28, supported by government initiatives. The strategic focus on the European market has yielded remarkable success, boasting a substantial 25 per cent increase in market share compared to the previous year. Efforts are underway to attract visitors from emerging markets such as China and India, recognizing their increasing importance in the global tourism landscape. Active participation in Dubai Tourism campaigns, like “kids go for free,” during the summer, fortifies the property’s family-oriented image, contributing to its positive overall performance. Aligning with Dubai’s commitment to sustainability, Grand Mercure Dubai City dedicates itself to eco-friendly practices and contributes to broader environmental goals. Engaging in initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact, the property emphasizes sustainability credentials.

A positive trend has been noted in business travel, indicating a potential recovery in business activities and increased confidence in professional travel.

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