Beond Airlines’ maiden Dubai-Maldives route

Flying the world’s first premium leisure airline, Beond Airlines in its maiden journey to Maldives was an absolute hassle-free experience. Last month just two days prior to the sacred festival of Ramadan, the inaugural flight departed from Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport and four hours later touched down in Malé-Velana International Airport.

Dr. Shehara Rizly

Maldives became one of the most important outbound destinations for travellers as it was one of the first nations to open for tourism across the globe. Last year, Beond Airlines announced they will be launching their direct flights from Riyadh and Dubai to Malé, which created quite a hype as this was no ordinary economy class, but a full-service carrier with business class seats and service. In GCC, as a last-minute market and a customer base, which prefer hassle-free connectivity and premium service, this is the way to fly to enjoy a great escape to a lovely isle in the Maldives.

Convenience and comfort

Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport is located away from the hustle and bustle and, passengers can check in without any hassle. The lounge area managed by Marhaba has a staff who catered to all the passengers of the very first flight to Malé. Due to school holidays, there were many kids who were flying out with their parents.

Travel agents

“They are working on creating awareness with the agents about their premium flight and they are looking at different compensation structures such as providing their own booking platforms where they can book their customers to enjoy a seamless experience which will make them happy as well,” Tero Taskila, CEO and Chairman, Beond Airlines, said.

“We are the first airline operating from Maldives to 60 destinations. After studying the Middle East market, we found Riyadh as the luxury market, unlike other Middle East destinations where there are many frequencies and, travellers have access to the Maldives, but not with the product that they want. Most of the travel agents have the same needs, so it is about making them aware of the product, and how to package the service, but how we can create a seamless service for the customers. “As a travel agent you must make sure your customer is happy and satisfied. We are looking at different compensation structures and are providing our own platforms where you can make bookings much earlier than with the traditional inventories. For example, all airlines, apart from us, sell seats 360 days ahead, but we can do it three years ahead. When some people want to book for a special event, then they should do so 12 or 15 months ahead,” Taskila shared.

Dubai to Malé flight

“The launch of Dubai to Malé service provides customers with an unforgettable experience to the breathtaking Maldives, and with a wide selection of convenient flight options from which to choose,”  Taksila said. “Beond will operate six flights per week from Dubai airport to the Maldives. Four flights per week are available for purchase between today and July, with an additional two flights per week beginning in July,” he said. Also, service from Milan, Italy begins later in the year. It offers flights across Europe, the ME, and APAC to the Maldives.

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