Focus on M!CE & destination weddings

Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, attracting M!CE and destination wedding due to its giant wedding spaces andstate-of-the-art multi-optional meeting spaces, will be showcasing its solutions once again at the Arabian Travel Market from May 6 to 9, 2024. Iftikhar Hamdani, Area General Manager, Northern Emirates, Coral Beach Resort and Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, shares insights with TRAVTALK.

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What will you showcase this year at ATM?

Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel is very popular among CIS and German markets and is now attracting M!CE and Destination Weddings due to our giant wedding spaces and state-of-the-art multi-optional meeting spaces on site. We are going to attract GCC market as our product is fit for the summer to attract families from GCC at our resort. Additionally, we have the best wellness facility to offer to our guests.

Could you share a brief of the latest news from Bahi Ajman?

Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel is leading towards a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel distributed 600 Iftar meals to individuals and families in Ajman during the sacred month of Ramadan. Revenue-wise, the hotel had a healthy occupancy.

How has the year been for Bahi Ajman Palace?

The year for Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel was great, which resulted into a positive outcome in terms of hotel revenue. The success is due to our team’s dedication, hard work, and commitment
to excellence.

Do you see new source markets coming in? If so, from which countries?

Bahi Ajman Palace had the busiest year ever since its opening. The hotel enjoyed as much as 90 per cent occupancy throughout the year. The guests included Russians, Germans, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the new markets such as East Europe, Western Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom. We are aiming to tap Scandinavians and Baltics by participating in road shows and travel fair with Ajman Tourism.

As the sustainability champion, what actions have been taken in each property?

Sustainability strategy is firmly in place in our hotel. We are working on a scheme for waste management system through the Composter Machine to cut food waste by converting organic scraps into rich compost, diverting them from landfills and greenhouse gas emissions.  Another initiative in the pipeline is implementing AirOWater, a sustainable drinking water solution. AirOWater will provide a source of clean drinking water, thereby ensuring that the hotel guests and staff will have access to high-quality hydration throughout the length of their stay. This will reduce usage of single-use plastic bottles and minimise waste.

What are the general hotel trends you have witnessed?

In this year, the hotels are focusing on sustainability, technology integration, and personalised experiences. Offerings such as fitness activities continue to be popular among the travellers.

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