Fortune adds new property in Dubai

One of the biggest announcements at the Arabian Travel Market 2024 from Fortune Group is that they will be adding a new 4-star property in the heart of Dubai. Praveen Shetty, Chairman, Fortune Group of Hotels, Dubai, sits with TRAVTALK to share more details. It will help us to expand our reach, foster partnerships, drive business growth, and stay informed about hospitality industry trends.

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What is new from Fortune Group?

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Fortune Group family with a new addition—a 4-star hotel in the heart of Bur Dubai. This reflects our commitment to growth and long-term plans, extending to our food and beverage offerings. Thanks to our dedicated team, the Group continues to thrive, and we look forward to the journey ahead.

How important is the ATM?

It is instrumental for us as a group, helping us to expand our reach, foster partnerships, drive business growth, and stay informed about industry trends and market dynamics.  One of the events we look forward to attending, as it showcases a diverse audience not only from the Middle East, but other emerging markets such as North Africa and beyond. The event also offers networking opportunities with industry peers, potential partners, and suppliers.

Will you be participating or attending the ATM?

This year, we will only be participating in the ATM as well as looking forward to some great conversations and potential business relations. Our hotels are spread across Dubai, both north and south, offering guests the convenience of choice. Most properties are just 15-20 minutes away from the exhibition, ideal for attendees and the ones participating too! We anticipate increased bookings, particularly from the event visitors. The busy periods such as Gulf Food have shown us the excitement of a bustling hotel, which we always welcome.

How has business travel evolved?

We have observed a shift in business travel preferences towards budget-friendly accommodations. With firms prioritising expense optimisation, there is a demand for cost-effective lodging options without compromising on comfort. Flexible booking policies are also gaining traction to accommodate uncertain travel plans. Technology integration has become paramount, with guests expecting seamless digital experiences. Sustainability is important, with travellers seeking eco-friendly initiatives. Unique experiences beyond traditional stays are on the rise.  Dubai’s evolving business landscape presents opportunities for budget hotels to thrive. By prioritising adaptability, innovation, and sustainability, we can cater to the needs of modern business travellers, while offering memorable experiences.

Any trends that you can share, which you saw this year?

Certainly. One noticeable trend is the increasing number of repeat and satisfied customers, whether visiting Dubai as a stopover or returning for another visit. Dubai’s changing attractions appeal to people of all ages, ensuring a diverse and engaged clientele. It is worth acknowledging that the efforts of the DTCM in creating dynamic happenings within the city play a significant role in our ability to cater to such guests.

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