‘Invest in industry skills for better future’

A qualified and competent workforce is the key to success as we prepare for the New Normal. This applies to both individuals and organisations, alike, in the emerging world scenario, says Shakir Kantawala, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Wingsway Training Institute (Dubai, UAE) and WingsWay Global Training Academy (India).

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Training in the aviation and travel industries is critical. In current times, training is essential to right-skill the post-pandemic aviation workforce. Over the past few weeks, the aviation and travel industries saw unpleasant disruptions at various touchpoints across the travel chain, from reservations to check-in, through baggage control, to technical and operations, mostly caused by the lack of readily available trained and certified personnel at various positions. The dynamic aviation, airports, travel, and hospitality industries cannot easily employ non-skilled people. A certain skill set and standard certified trainings are required to perform the complex tasks that run their processes.

Training for new responsibilities

“That is how we have always done it.” This sentence more or less sums up one of the main barriers for improvement in aviation training today. In many instances, such as itinerary and journey pricing, ticketing, and reservations, the processes are now mostly simplified, making it imperative to un-learn and re-learn the new simpler processes and appropriately guide your clients.

Adapting to the remote way of working

The transition will be facilitated by timely re-skilling and up-skilling, which will aid in understanding and optimising the new processes.

New employees’ training

New employees must receive training as part of the onboarding process. Teams should unlearn and relearn considering that the evolving nature of work environment.

It is a virtual world!

During and post-pandemic, we saw the evolution of e-learning and virtual instructor-led training, as we moved from classic classroom theory and workshop practice kinds of training sessions to the study mode where we can learn from the comfort of our homes. Most aviation and travel industry training courses are now available as convenient and affordable virtual options. WingsWay Training Institute is privileged to represent International Air Transport Association (IATA-Canada) as their Authorised Training Centre. Add Wings to your career and say “Hello” to your better future now!

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